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Embracing Digital

The ability to re-imagine the business is determined by the digital strategies with the support of leaders, embracing the transformation to provide efficient results to their customers. And prTechnologies exactly following the same footsteps to satisfy their clients requirement.

TeamWork & Office Culture

What one can do in 2 days, a team can accomplish the same work within few hours. Team work turns to be the prime factor for accomplishing quality work. And we work accordingly with all our team members to complete the work and deliver the desired projects taking responsibility.

Flexibility in working

The flexibility of working and discussing with the clients to clarify further details and easy understanding the project offers a major impact in the outcome of the entire project. This is the first rule of handling our clients project and then further do the needful.

Our results of excellence:

We the entire group of prTechnologies perform as a family together. So we believe in creating a bond with our client’s as well which reflects in the work and progresses it to become successful. We similarly accept our clients to share a similar bonding and trust to us.

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Technical Evangelist
Arghya Chatterjee

The pathfinder of prTechnologies, the development master for the newest software. Extremely hard working and in search to experiment with his ideas and knowledge

Implementation Lead
Ankur Sarkar

He focuses on implementing information system into a business environment and take care of your product to achieve it's goal efficiently.

Requirement Analytics
Soma Mohanta

A person with dynamic versatility and having ability to see the unseen.

Network Engineer
Sanjeev Sarkar

Design the secure data streaming solutions between process and sharing a 🙂 face with the clients as their data is in secure hand.

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